Friday, 20 August 2010

Still Films

Beginning today, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin presents a week-long season of works by the production company Still Films.

The centrepiece for the season is 'Pyjama Girls', a documentary film by Maya Derrington. It examines the lives of two inner city Dublin teenage girls who roam the streets wearing pyjamas. 'Pyjama Girls' will be showing daily until 26 August.

'The Rooms' is a new short collaborative project by Paul Rowley and Tim Blue, and will have its premiere on 22 August. It's a study of "a world abandoned that continues to operate" and was filmed in Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, the United States and Korea.

Paul Rowley and Nicky Gogan's feature documentary about asylum seekers living in the former Butlins holiday camp in Mosney (an hour north of Dublin) 'Seaview' will be shown on 21 August. After touring festivals internationally, and in light of recent hunger strikes at Mosney, this is a timely re-screening of 'Seaview' in Ireland.

And on Tuesday 24 August, the founders of Still Films Nicky Gogan, Maya Derrington and Paul Rowley, will discuss their collaborative practice and screen a selection of short films.

Tickets and information from the Irish Film Institute.

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