Friday, 1 July 2011

Grow Together: Concrete Poetry in Brazil and Scotland

Grow Together: Concrete Poetry in Brazil and Scotland runs from 3 July to 7 August 2011 at HICA (The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art) and is open on Sundays 2 - 5pm, or by appointment.

Augusto de Campos / Haroldo de Campos / Décio Pignatari / Edwin Morgan / Ian Hamilton Finlay / Geraldo de Barros

As well as presenting individually important poems, such pivotal works as Augusto de Campos' Tensão, this exhibition, with adjacent works in English and Portuguese, examines correspondence between languages as well as between language and equivalents in sound and music. It specifically reflects on the communication between poets of different nationalities and, in this context, on the effects of location on meaning. Consistent with this the location of HICA, as rural gallery and research project, enables an active presentation where elements such as Morgan's Chaffinch Map of Scotland or Pignatari's Terra, painted directly onto the gallery walls, make immediate connection to the context of the space and exhibition, and determine a current meaning.

Background to the concrete poetry movement, especially in Brazil, will be presented through related materials, including interviews with Augusto de Campos and a film by Michel Favre on the concrete artist Geraldo de Barros.

The exhibition’s title, Grow Together, is from the Latin root of the word ‘concrete’. Here, this etymology is particularly suggestive, of dialogue between geographically distant centres (Brazil and Scotland), or perhaps more pertinently, of the process of development of artworks and poems themselves: the process through which meaning finds form, exemplified in the exhibition by Haroldo de Campos’ Cristal Forma.

Dr Nuño Sacramento, Director of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, will give a talk on the work of Ferriera Gullar, poet and author of the Neo-Concrete Manifesto, at HICA on Sunday 7 August.

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