Thursday, 8 March 2012

LABOUR - live performance exhibition at the LAB

I really wish I could go along to this, but somebody's got to keep the libraries open on Saturday... If you get a chance do "come and go throughout the day".

a live exhibition
Performances from Irish female artists
Curated by Chrissie Cadman, Amanda Coogan and Helena Walsh
The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1, 9.30am – 5.30 pm, 10th March 2012
LABOUR, a live exhibition, features eleven leading female artists from the island of Ireland, offering audiences unprecedented access to a huge body of live performance work by some of the most radical and exciting women artists emerging from an Irish cultural context.

 Anne Quail - Elvira Santamaria Torres - Amanda Coogan - Pauline Cummins -
Ann Maria Healy - Chrissie Cadman - Frances Mezzeti - Áine O’Dwyer
Áine Phillips - Helena Walsh - Michelle Browne

Following an average working day, the artists will perform for an 8-hour duration on Saturday, 10th of March at The LAB Gallery. The site of The LAB Gallery, Foley street, in the historic Monto and around the corner from the Gloucester Street Magdalene Convent layers the composition of the eleven bodies of the artists with potent shadows. LABOUR explores the female body as a political site.
Live Performance from the visual arts in Ireland is currently a vibrant practice, grounded in responding with the physical body and psychological self. LABOUR is a group show providing multiple viewing experiences as individual works collide and speak to each other. The medium of live embodied practice can be a powerful tool for change. LABOUR is about transformations. 
LABOUR is of great historical significance.  Issues of labour and gender are particularly critical within an Irish context, and at the same time Irish women artists or women artists based in Ireland are creating some of the most exciting and challenging performance based work of our times. - Lois Keidan - the Live Art Development Agency
Audiences are welcome to come and go throughout the day.

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