gorse No. 10

I'm very excited and proud to announce the release of gorse No. 10.

Curated and edited by myself, this special issue of gorse is a limited edition, mixed-media book-in-a-box featuring specially-commissioned contemporary responses to 'the readymade' in literature from writers, poets, artists and translators based across Europe and North America.

Published on the centenary + 1 of Marcel Duchamp's 'Fountain' (though recent research supports the likelihood that the creator of the original artwork was Baroness Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven) the issue stands as an exploration of Duchamp's artistic gesture as it pertains to the social/political/technological conditions, writing processes and publishing practices prevailing in the early 21st century.

There are 13 separate contributions presented in a range of media:

'Greenwash' by Rachael Allen
Six business cards with short poems made using text taken from the 'environmental policy' sections on six separate corporations' websites.

'Sticker Shock' by Jenni B Baker
A sticker sheet with six stickers situating a series of tweets beginning with "I am shocked by your..." in the format of a traditional warning sign.

'Handmade Readymade Souvenirs' by Sara Baume
Nine postcards in the 'accordion' format, each featuring an image of a hand-made miniature figurine based on Duchamp's readymades, with individual titles and description of material on the back, along with a short explanatory text.

'A Jury of your Peers' by Derek Beaulieu
A pair of beer mats with two found image poems - photographs of ceiling tiles in a Berlin apartment, modestly photoshopped - on one side, and explanatory text on the reverse.

'Marcel Ascending' by Gregory Betts
Newsprint with all three New York Times obituaries of Duchamp, reversed.

'the same old stones' by Colin Graham
Mail art & poetry, comprising a sealed envelope (contents include a postcard and a letter/poem using text from a memoir of Gustav Mahler written by Nathalie Bauer-Lechner) addressed to the editor, with specially-made postmark and stamp.

'Emergency in Favour of Twice' by John Holten
16-page pamphlet with new fiction using art history and references, as well as a chess diagram.

'Selected Chess Games of Marcel Duchamp' by Tom Jenks
20-page pamphlet featuring an oblique documentation of some of Duchamp's chess games.

'ONSTAGE' by Bruno Neiva
Small format, 31-page artist's flip book, with text appropriated from FLUXUS performance scores.

'the old lawnmower club' by Holly Pester
Double-sided crisp white card with a poem composed out of a vintage lawnmower manual combined with found text from various modern and historical abortion care pamphlets.

'Drama Queens' by Nick Thurston
Eight-page folded-down double-sided poster with narrative prose composed through appropriation of fan fiction featuring aspiring Hollywood actor Nick Thurston, bridged by passages written by the author Nick Thurston.

'Bloemen van Vis (Flowers of Fish)' by Lies Van Gasse (trans. Rosalind Buck)
Seven full colour pages printed on double-sided plates containing a graphic poem in Flemish with embedded translations into English.

‘Editorial, or, Why a bag of rubbish is not just a load of garbage’ by Christodoulos Makris
Folded down information leaflet of the type found in medicine packaging, containing the full ‘below-the-line’ commentary on an article about conceptual art by Olivia Laing published in the online edition of The Guardian, arranged in descending order of number of recommendations.

Production was a long collaborative effort that involved many people, and which was co-ordinated by Susan Tomaselli and myself. Cover design is by Niall McCormack, who also designed several of the individual elements within the box. Colin Graham produced his contribution in its entirety. Jenni Baker and John Holten designed and arranged production of their pieces by Jakprints and FUK Graphic Design Studio respectively, while the contributions by Tom Jenks, Bruno Neiva and Nick Thurston were designed by the writers/artists themselves. Additional production was courtesy of Damn Fine Print and character.ie.

The issue is published in 100 numbered copies, with each copy priced at €40.00. It will be exclusively available from the gorse website very shortly, and for as long as stocks last.

gorse No. 10 was launched in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in Dublin on the evening Wednesday 29 August, with introductions & readings from Gregory Betts, Colin Graham and myself, and with a screening of a short video of Lies Van Gasse and Rosalind Buck's contribution.


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