Monday, 1 April 2019

European Poetry Festival 2019: London & Manchester

As well as co-producing and programming the closing event of the 2nd European Poetry Festival in Ireland in partnership with festival director SJ Fowler, I will also be taking part in two of its events in the UK: the European Camarade at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in London (the grand event of the festival) on Saturday 6 April; and the Manchester European Camarade at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation on Saturday 13 April.

My participation in the Festival is sponsored by Culture Ireland - the government body promoting Irish arts worldwide. My thanks to them for the generous support.

For the London event, which will see 34 poets from 25 nations in 17 pairs present brand new collaborations, I will be performing with the remarkable Paris-based poet, artist, novelist, filmmaker and translator Pierre Alferi. Pierre and I are engaged in a 'stonewash' translation process, which involves passing brand new poems of ours through a back-and-forth series of radical re-versionings between English and French, the result of which will be melded into one jump-cut collaborative text to be presented on the night.

And for the Manchester event, where locally based writers collaborate with visiting poets from across Europe, I am writing with poet and short fiction writer Tania Hershman. For this Tania and I have each selected one previously published poem by the other, which we are rewriting as homage according to certain constraints. We will then produce a subversive type of review of each other's effort, to be embedded into the performance.

All European Poetry Festival events are free admission. See here for full festival details.

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