Yes But Are We Enemies, a project and tour focusing on poetry in collaboration, supported by the Arts Council and involving over 40 poets, visited 5 locations across Ireland and concluded with a show in London (18-27 September 2014).
Details here. Reports and videos coming shortly.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

gorse no. 2

The second issue of gorse, a wonderful print journal of literature edited in Dublin by Susan Tomaselli, was published last week and includes a new long poem of mine.

gorse publishes high quality work in the form of essays, fiction, interviews, poetry, variations of these and much else. It's distinguished by top production values with beautiful cover art, extended knowledge of and interest in a diversity of writing traditions and movements, an experimentalist thrust, cosmopolitanism and wit combined with seriousness of attention, and an interrogative outlook - a confluence of dimensions generally lacking from other Ireland-based journals.

Issue 2 also includes work by Claire-Louise Bennett, Matthew Jakubowski, Rob Doyle, Colm O'Shea, SJ Fowler, Dylan Brennan and Lies Van Gasse among others.


My poem has title 'Civilisation's Golden Dawn: A Slide Show' and is composed out of specifically-written captions to old family photos of trips to Greece, with fragments from official publications about the country and various references to recent political events, accounts of which are typically delivered through online/social media, interspersed among them. Two of the 'entries' are translations of the transcript of a public, multiphobic rant by an MP from the far-right party Golden Dawn as provided by separate online translation engines.

Apart from purchasing individual copies or taking out a standard subscription, there are several additional ways of supporting gorse: please do so if you can.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

In anticipation of Yes But Are We Enemies ...

... here's Auld Enemies: a poetry documentary by Ross Sutherland. Auld Enemies was a poetry collaborations tour of Scotland undertaken under the auspices of the Enemies Project in July.

Yes But Are We Enemies kicks off at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, next Thursday 18 September. Full tour details here. And here's why my curatorial partner and overall Enemies Project curator Steven Fowler is excited by the prospect.

Monday, 25 August 2014

essay on Jacket2

An essay I've been making notes towards for the best part of two years has now seen the light of day courtesy of Jacket2, the online journal of contemporary poetry and poetics associated with PennSound and the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Titled 'Monoculture beer no more: other poetries from Ireland', it aims to offer an interrogation of the territorial concerns of the vast majority of the poetry coming out of Ireland, and a discussion of emerging avant-garde tendencies brought about by political discontent and driven by poets and editors/curators straddling linguistic & national divisions.

I like to think that the effect of the article having been written over a period of time is akin to that of long-exposure photography: in addition to capturing individual items it also records time. In it I discuss, link to and/or quote from the work of (among others) Catherine Walsh, Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Dylan Harris, Kit Fryatt and Susan Connolly.

I'm excited & proud to be joining the list of contributors to Jacket2. Thanks in particular to Julia Bloch for her editorial attention and support.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Chances Are on 3:AM Magazine

My mass collaboration poem 'Chances Are' is now live on 3:AM Magazine.

"... it involves embedding the HTML code for a Twitter widget bringing up a feed with all tweets that include the word "chance". I have the code - the idea is to present it as it is as a 'conventional' poem in the new book, along with instructions to go to a specific web page for an online application of it. There's currently around 100 tweets per minute feeding through, so the poem gets constantly updated, and fast, by everybody/anybody (knowingly or not) and is in effect never the same twice."

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yes But Are We Enemies

I'm delighted to announce details of Yes But Are We Enemies, a major project & tour focusing on poetry in collaboration I'm curating in partnership with Steven Fowler:

Yes But Are We Enemies
English and Irish Poets Having Words

A groundbreaking exploration of contemporary writing in which 6 poets from Ireland and England tour brand new work produced collaboratively in cross-national partnerships. The tour visits five venues across Ireland and concludes with a show in London, with each event featuring a unique combination of pairs.

This is a project about the creation of collaborative work, but also about the integration of differing poetic communities. Therefore each event will additionally feature specially-commissioned collaborations between writers from the region.

Core poets:
from Ireland: Ailbhe Darcy, Billy Ramsell, Christodoulos Makris
from England: Patrick Coyle, Sam Riviere, SJ Fowler

Admission to all events is free

Thu 18 September, 8pm: Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

Christodoulos Makris & Sam Riviere
Billy Ramsell & SJ Fowler
Ailbhe Darcy & Patrick Coyle
Stephen Connolly & Stephen Sexton
Manuela Moser & Padraig Regan
Sophie Collins & Robert Maclean
Caitlin Newby & Andy Eaton
Tom Saunders & Lorcan Mullen

Fri 19 September, 8pm: Verbal Arts Centre, Derry

Christodoulos Makris & Patrick Coyle
Billy Ramsell & Sam Riviere
Ailbhe Darcy & SJ Fowler
Aodán McCardle & Áilbhe Hines
James King & Ellen Factor
Sophie Collins & Robert Maclean

Sun 21 September, 8pm: Galway Arts Centre, Galway

Christodoulos Makris & SJ Fowler
Billy Ramsell & Patrick Coyle
Ailbhe Darcy & Sam Riviere
Elaine Cosgrove & Anamaría Crowe Serrano
Susan Millar DuMars & Kevin Higgins
Eleanor Hooker & Sarah Hesketh

Tue 23 September, 8pm: Triskel Arts Cenre, Cork

Christodoulos Makris & Sam Riviere
Billy Ramsell & Patrick Coyle
Ailbhe Darcy & SJ Fowler
Sarah Hayden & Rachel Warriner
Doireann Ní Ghríofa & Cal Doyle
Paul Casey & Afric McGlinchey
Eleanor Hooker & Sarah Hesketh

Thu 25 September, 8pm: Irish Writers' Centre, Dublin

Christodoulos Makris & Patrick Coyle
Billy Ramsell & SJ Fowler
Ailbhe Darcy & Sam Riviere
Rob Doyle & Dave Lordan
Michael Naghten Shanks & Cal Doyle
John Kearns & Kit Fryatt
Anamaría Crowe Serrano & Alan Jude Moore
Aodán McCardle & Áilbhe Hines
panel discussion exploring the collaborative process and other experimental writing approaches to take place before the performance (7pm).
Panelists: Rob Doyle, SJ Fowler, Kit Fryatt, Christodoulos Makris
Moderator: Susan Tomaselli, editor of gorse literary journal

Sat 27 September, 7pm: Rich Mix Arts Centre, London

Christodoulos Makris & SJ Fowler
Billy Ramsell & Sam Riviere
Ailbhe Darcy & Patrick Coyle
Kimberly Campanello & Kit Fryatt
Pascal O’Loughlin & Marcus Slease
Robert Kiely & Sarah Kelly
Becky Cremin & Stephen Mooney
Philip Terry & Martin Zet

Yes But Are We Enemies is co-curated by Christodoulos Makris and SJ Fowler, as an extension of the Enemies Project into Ireland.

The project acknowledges generous funding support from The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bloomsday at the Olivier Cornet Gallery

To celebrate Bloomsday and the multiple language and cultural references in Ulysses, an evening of readings and music takes place tomorrow evening at JF Studios. This is a multilingual/cultural event, with English, Irish, Gallego, Cypriot, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Tamil and Shona some of the languages included.

Participating writers and poets: Christodoulos Makris, Fióna Bolger, John Kearns, Anamaria Crowe Serrano, Rob Doyle, Karl Parkinson, Liz McSkeane, Dessiree Ares, Phil Lynch, Antain MacLochlainn, Ola Kubiak, Vadhani, Alan Jude Moore, Yoon Kyung Chung, Lillian Ndumba and Dimitra Xidous.

Gallery artist Mark Doherty will be drawing live, responding to the words and sounds around.

This is a free event.

Monday 16 June 2014, 6pm-8pm
Olivier Cornet Gallery, 5 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1

The gallery would like to dedicate the event to the memory of artist, gallery owner and Joycean scholar Gerald Davis (1938 - 18th June 2005).

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Experimental Literature Q&A

Over on Dave Lordan's blog I discuss experimental writing as part of a short series featuring various writers & arts professionals invited to do so by Dave. This is part of the build up to the Circa Bloomsday weekend event at the Irish Writers' Centre over this coming weekend 14-15 June, which celebrates and showcases contemporary experimental literature in honour of the legacy of Joyce, and the Blast 100 modernist symposium at Trinity College in early July - in both of which Dave is participating. The other respondents so far are Rob Doyle, Máighréad Medbh, Graham Allen & Darran Anderson.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dublin-Guadalajara poetry exchange

I'm really excited to be involved as the Dublin curator/editor of this project - part of a series of city-to-city collaborative poetry projects headed by Mexico's EBL-Cielo Abierto publishing house - as well as participating poet: at the end of last year 7 poets from Dublin were partnered with 7 from Guadalajara to exchange selections of their work and render the work of their collaborator into their language, be it English or Spanish. A resulting anthology, Centrifugal: Contemporary Poetry from Dublin and Guadalajara, is due out in September from EBL-Cielo Abierto as a dual-language volume, with support from Mexico's National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA). There are unconfirmed plans for public presentations of the book in both cities.

The poet pairings are as follows:

Alan Jude Moore & Xitlálitil Rodríguez
Anamaría Crowe Serrano & Mónica Nepote
Catherine Walsh & Laura Solórzano
Christodoulos Makris & Luis Eduardo García
John Kearns & José Eugenio Sánchez
Kimberly Campanello & Ángel Ortuño
Kit Fryatt & Ricardo Castillo

In initiating the project (whose Guadalajara curator is Ángel Ortuño) last summer, our interest lay in collaboration and experimentation, and in challenging what is understood by the term 'translation'. The emphasis is on re-interpretation rather than traditional translation: the poems were to become new in the hands of the partner poet while continuing to bear the poetic core of the original.

My versions of five poems by Luis Eduardo García are a fusion of translation and re-interpretation, riddled with misunderstandings and errors. What excited me most about this project, in addition to the cross-national and -language collaborative element, was the chance to encourage and present the differing approaches to this process that each participant chooses or is forced to adopt. Having seen the original pieces - which include 'untranslatable' material as well as some already in the opposite language - and some of the reinterpretations/versions/responses, I'm happy to report that the project's experimentally-minded premise is yielding some amazing results.

Keep watching this space for more on publication details & launch dates.

Friday, 25 April 2014

from Muses Walk (video)

A 5-minute home video made last October for the project & exhibition 'Transcapes / The Halted Traveler' in which I read from Muses Walk under fading light.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Poezija Magazine

A little over a year ago I received a request for permission to have some poems from Spitting Out the Mother Tongue translated into Croatian, which I happily granted. These poems are to be included in an anthology of contemporary European poetry to be published in Zagreb (Croatian Writers Society) in celebration of Croatia's recent entry to the EU.

I'm grateful to the redoubtable Damir Šodan for selecting my work for the anthology, and for having a go at translating my poems - I remember him suggesting to me after a reading that he could hear them very clearly in Croatian. And it's great to be joining the likes of Raymond Carver, Allen Ginsberg and Leonard Cohen in having work rendered into Croatian by Damir!

Part of a taster for this ambitious anthology - which features some really exciting young/younger poets hailing from Europe (Elisa Biagini, Valzhyna Mort, Ilya Kaminsky) alongside one or two luminaries (Tranströmer, Zagajewski, Armitage) and is due to appear in the coming months - Damir's translation of my poem 'Mötley Crüe' appears in the June 2013 issue of Poezija magazine.