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Dubious Lists

Though I sometimes indulge in them - see below - I’m not a huge fan of end-of-year lists. Some things take longer to sink in and their significance understood than others. I don't just mean the appreciation of volumes of poetry or films or music, but also events in one’s life, writing or otherwise. It’s not always possible to readily ascribe value or meaning to what has been experienced. More to the point, turns of years can operate as welcome breathers and a chance to step back and see the wood instead of constantly just individual trees. Flitting from task to task and from project to project can have the effect of relegating to the backs of our minds what we really are doing it all for. What this writing business is all about. One or two potent disappointments notwithstanding, 2012 was good to me. It's seen a rise in appreciation of what I do; there was a new book, reception of which has been positive; I did many readings and performances, and took part in discussions, pr

Cypriot Identities in Literature

The European Commission, in association with Imperial College London, presents a panel discussion with title Cypriot Identities in Literature: At a Crossroads between East and West . "Is Cypriot identity an elusive entity or is it the result of a multicultural, multifaceted integration? Is it perceived differently by Cypriots living in Cyprus, in the UK or in other parts of Europe? What is common ground to first and second generation immigrants? The panel will address these questions and discuss to what extent literature has been a means of forging and expressing identity for Cypriots living in Cyprus or abroad." Welcome address: Dr Angeliki Petrits , Language Officer, European Commission Chair: Prof. Roderick Beaton , Director, Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College London Participants: Mr Yashar Ismailoglu Born in Cyprus in 1945, he moved to London in 1972 and was involved in the creation of a sustainable Cypriot community. He has published 28 books,

Muses Walk gets recommendation

To celebrate being nominated by The Alliance for Independent Authors for their 'Top Website for Self-Publishers' award, Sabotage Reviews  has selected for recommendation eight self-published works from the website's not inconsiderable archives. Alongside among others an artisan book from Kate Tempest and a chapbook with responses to the work of Ginsberg, I was very happy to see that  Muses Walk was one of the publications recommended . Thanks to editor Claire TrĂ©vien for her attention to the book. And congratulations to Sabotage Reviews - a vibrant, innovative and wholly necessary reviews journal. Over half of all copies of  Muses Walk  have now gone. Some are still available for 8 Euro. As the number of remaining copies diminishes, the price will go up...