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Warning: Difficult! Poetry? at University College Dublin

I very much look forward to reading with Charles Bernstein  - foundational member and leading practitioner of Language poetry in the US, and Catherine Walsh  - one of Ireland's most significant experimental poets, on Monday 2 December at the Institute of Humanities, University College Dublin. 'Warning: Difficult! Poetry?' is curated and hosted by  João Guimarães . Start time is 5.30pm, and the venue is UCD Humanities Institute seminar room (H.204). The event is free to attend but requires registration. More details, including poet biographies and tickets,  here . Video:

SWG3 Poetry Club (Glasgow)

On Friday 29 November I'll be in Glasgow to read from this is no longer entertainment  as part of an event at SWG3 Poetry Club. Curated and hosted by Colin Herd , the event also features readings by Alycia Pirmohamed and Lynn Davidson. SWG3 is a multi disciplinary arts venue hosting a multitude of different types of events in its various indoor and outdoor spaces including music gigs, fashion shows, visual arts exhibitions, TV and film industry events and food & drink events. Its Poetry Club is a hub for art, music, performance and spoken word situated on the ground floor of the building, and links the main building to the end railway arch. The event starts at 6pm and admission is free . Many thanks to Colin for programming the event and hosting me in Glasgow. I'm really excited to be reading for the first time in the city recently named by the European Commission as  the top cultural and creative centre in the UK . Reading with Christodoulos Makris and Alycia


"My story is a hidden one, you cannot see it written on my face as I walk on the streets." I am proud to be contributing to Correspondences : an anthology to call for an end to direct provision in Ireland. In being paired with a writer in the direct provision system, my participation was predominantly in a mentoring capacity, that is to help bring writing by said writer (in my case, Donatien Francis) to print, but like everybody else I also contribute a short text of my own. Correspondences is edited by Stephen Rea and Jessica Traynor , and pairs writers, photographers and visual artists in the direct provision system in Ireland with Irish artists and writers. I was happy to be invited on board the project, not least given my own personal & family history as a child refugee of war and as a person who has migrated more than once. Comparing circumstances and severity is pointless or even counterproductive, but I can't fail to highlight the humbling effect of wh

The Lifeboat (Belfast)

On Tuesday 12 November I'll be in Belfast to read from this is no longer entertainment for The Lifeboat. The Lifeboat is a poetry reading series and small press run by Stephen Connolly and Manuela Moser. Established in 2013, The Lifeboat as a series has hosted a range of poets from Michael Longley, Medbh McGuckian, Nick Laird and Sinead Morrissey, to Sarah Howe and Kayo Chingonyi. Expanding into publishing in 2016, The Lifeboat Press has published pamphlets by Padraig Regan, Caitlin Newby, Susannah Dickey and Paul Muldoon among others. Reading with me on 12 November will be US-born and Galway-based poet Shannon Kelly. The event takes place in The Sunflower Pub : doors 8.30pm, free entry. The night poem opens its jaw into the full moon — The Lifeboat (@The_Lifeboat) November 12, 2019

Nemeses, by SJ Fowler & collaborators

My collaboration with Steven J Fowler 'The New War Machine: A Miniature Poetry Play' is included in the second volume of Steven's selected collaborations, Nemeses , just published with HVTN Press. Nemeses "brings together over 50 collaborations and collaborators, placing poems and prose alongside musical scores, diaries, sculptures, films, photographs, scripts and more. It explores not only the grand potential for collaboration as an innovative, generative, playful and profound practice, but also aims to expand what is possible when sharing the live upon the page." Steven writes : "It is always in compiling Nemeses that I really realised how many collaborations I have undertaken in the five year period the book covers. It presents excerpts of full collections alongside works made specifically for Nemeses . It draws from full feature films, exhibitions, commissions, installations and poems made for performances around the world. The book is finished with