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The Tangerine Issue 7

Section 69 from my forthcoming book this is no longer entertainment: A Documentary Poem  (due out with Dostoyevsky Wannabe in March 2019) is excerpted in issue 7 of The Tangerine . A thrice-yearly journal of new writing based in Belfast, The Tangerine includes features, reportage, commentary, fiction, poetry, illustration and photography. It is concerned with "things being various" (as per Louis MacNeice ) and "seeks to provide a space for a plurality of voices: for new creative work, thoughtful discussion, and critical engagement with culture and politics in Belfast and beyond." My contribution to the issue is the last section from the book to be excerpted prior to publication; the text makes reference to Marcel Duchamp's works and ideas, and includes tangential and occasionally unrelated discussion fragments. My thanks to poetry editor Caitlin Newby and the extended editorial team at The Tangerine for giving space to my work. Other contributors to iss

Irish Poetry Reading Archive

A while ago I recorded six poems from my 2015 book The Architecture of Chance for the Irish Poetry Reading Archive, an initiative of University College Dublin (UCD) Library Special Collections, with footage now uploaded to the Special Collections YouTube channel. These recordings, along with handwritten manuscripts of some of these poems that I made specially for the reading, will form part of the collection's digital archive. The Irish Poetry Reading Archive is a central repository that holds recordings of Irish poets and writers reading their work and giving a brief overview of the context and circumstances that influenced the writing of the poems. The collection aims to capture and preserve the contemporary poetry landscape in Ireland, and includes established and emerging poets, performance and avant-garde poets, English and Irish language poets, and diaspora poets. Recordings began in April 2014, and the archive was launched in December 2015 by the Minister of Arts, H