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can can #4 (the 'from' issue)

Issue 4 of Wurm im Apfel's poezine can can  is entirely composed of poems, sequences and - naturally - extracts with titles beginning with the word "from." A strong issue, it includes work by, among others, Sabne Raznik, Christine Murray, Theodoros Chiotis, derek beaulieu, Dave Lordan and Séamas Cain. Also included is my poem or sequence or (if you like) piece of conceptual nonsense 'From Something to Nothing'. Taking as reference  Francis Alÿs ' instructions behind one of his actions/performances ( Procure yourself a 100 US dollar note, go the the nearest Exchange, change it into Mexican pesos, change it again into US dollars, change it again into Mexican pesos, change it again into US dollars, and so forth, until you are left with nothing ) the poem is a record of each of the 29 stages in the process of running the 'about' text from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website through Google Translate in a sequence of seven European languages, bac

Neon Highway, issue 22

Neon Highway is a biannual magazine of poetry and art based in Liverpool that aims to publish "more alternative work by artists and poets, particularly the visionary, experimental pulp and sci-fi." According to the records of the Poetry Library in London, issue 22 of Neon Highway was published earlier this year and probably includes my Oulipian poem 'Scales'. I say probably because, initially, I was notified that this poem "may" be included. Then I was told that indeed it would be, and was asked for an address for my contributor's copy - which regrettably hasn't arrived. In any case, my name appears on the list of contributors to this issue as received by the Poetry Library in May.

Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot

Edited by Mark Burnhope, Sarah Crewe and Sophie Mayer, and with an introduction by George Szirtes,  Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot is an anthology published in e-book and PDF versions by English PEN today, 1 October 2012 - thus marking the hearing of the three Pussy Riot members' appeal against their prison sentence. I am one of 110 poets contributing to this resonant collection, a full Russian translation of which is being sent to Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. Though publication is free, the anthology is distributed on the Pay-What-You-Think-It's-Worth model. Please consider donating what you can afford. Proceeds go to the Pussy Riot legal fund and the English PEN Writers at Risk programme. On being asked to contribute, initially, to a portfolio of poems to be sent to the three women in prison, I decided to offer 'Sleepwalker on Stage' from Spitting Out the Mother Tongue . I like to think that the poem lends itself to multipl