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gorse No. 7

‘ Literature is the question minus the answer. ’ gorse No. 7 is now out. Themed around the concept of 'codes', its cover art is as ever by Niall McCormack, and each copy comes with a 'one-time pad' for its decoding. The issue features essays from Scott Esposito, Jonathan Gibbs, John Z Komurki, Shona McCombes, and Pierre Senges (translated by Jacob Siefring); fiction from Chris Beausang, Owen Booth, Celine Fox, Anthony McGuinness, and CD Rose; Irish writing from Colm Breathnach & Liam Mac Cóil; and an interview with Alan Moore by Pádraig Ó Méalóid. I'm very happy to be publishing poetry from Cork-based Sheila Mannix in the form of 'Burning Boat', a long hybrid poem; three new poems, including a triptych, by Michael Naghten Shanks (Dublin); four poems by Brooklyn-based  Chris Campanioni  from his project 'The Internet is for Real'; and four visual erasure poems by  John Rodzvilla (Boston, MA). Susan Tomaselli's editorial 'Falsing