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'this is no longer entertainment' reviewed on Stride magazine

A review of this is no longer entertainment appeared on Stride magazine on 29 May 2020. Stride was founded in 1982 and is edited by Rupert Loydell. It has had various incarnations over the years, most recently in an online edition, with an archive of its content between 1999 and 2015 available at . As of May 2016 it is being published at . The review is by writer, performer and teacher Mark Leahy , and it is titled 'move away from blatant plagiarism' - which is itself a quote from my book. Leahy places the book in the traditions of avant-garde writing and documentary poetics (in both film and poetry) and uses numerous examples from it to illuminate context, process and intention. To this end he also references  my 2017 StAnza Festival project  Browsing History and the recent audio recording of extracts from this is no longer entertainment for Hotel magazine . Crucially, he also picks up on the physicality