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Two poems on Berfrois

Note:  With several scheduled activities postponed or cancelled outright due to COVID-19, I just wanted to place a note of thanks here to those people and organisations who have honoured or have committed to honouring our existing arrangements in whatever ways they can, or who are providing concrete, continued and true support through  the commissioning of work and in other forms . It's a deeper pleasure than ever, and maybe even a privilege, to be making and releasing new work during this time: I'm happy to report that two poems from a cycle I've been developing over the past couple of years were published on Berfrois earlier this week. Berfrois is a literary-intellectual online magazine updated daily, published by Pendant Publishing in London and edited by Russell Bennetts. Persistently and unashamedly internationalist and wide-ranging, it is , in the words of Don Share, senior editor at Poetry (Chicago) magazine, "lightning fast, yet deeply aware". T