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I'm very happy to be contributing to the first issue of  CORDA , a new biannual magazine published in London and exploring communal experience of connections in a time of new borders. Started in direct response to the Brexit vote, and edited by Livia Franchini with art direction by Sean P Haughton, CORDA publishes both writing and visual material. My contribution has the title 'tanks rolled through our streets', and it is a borderless mashup of testimonies by young mother refugees to the US and 'below-the-line' commentary on the online article in which they were published. Thanks to Livia Franchini for asking and for publishing this piece, and kudos to Livia and Sean for creating a space for writers & artists across Europe and elsewhere to "grieve/rage/celebrate friendship together in the wake of Brexit". Full list of contributors to CORDA #1 : Cecilia Zoe Grandi, Ginevra Shay, Craig Clark & Caterina Pinzauti, Laura Merizalde & Dizz Tat

January - April 2017: a recap

The year has started pretty full on, and this is far from a complaint. Taking advantage of a couple of hours of lull, I've put together this recap with some thoughts on a selection of my recent activities on various fronts (news on publications will follow on separate posts): I'm proud and excited to be working with Ailbhe Darcy and SJ Fowler to bring their collaborative book of poetry  Subcritical Tests , the first title in our emerging  gorse editions , to print. Quite apt since the book has its roots in the collaborative poetry tour Yes But Are We Enemies  from 2014 - the extension of Steven's Enemies Project into Ireland which I produced and co-curated, and for which Ailbhe was one of the core poets. Cover and internal artwork is by the ever-brilliant Niall McCormack; there's also  a short trailer film made by Conor Friel inspired by the material in the book. Preorders and launch details soon. Issue 10 of  gorse  will be a special collectors', commission-on