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Neither Use nor Ornament

Nick Pearson 's exhibition Neither Use nor Ornament opens at the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax, West Yorkshire, on Saturday 9 October. "Minimal intervention"? "Refabrication"? Leeds-born, London-based artist Nick Pearson is a creative 'fence', filching objects from the real world and subtly re-designating them before palming them off on the viewer. Snatching conversational fragments and kidnapping the lives of redundant objects he re-presents them - like objects in a dodgy charity shop - as items that promise both utility and decoration but deliver neither. The art world calls it 'slippage'. It's always playful and it's sometimes profound (but only when you least expect it). An exhibition catalogue with the same title will also be available. An update of the original 2004 edition, the catalogue includes reproductions and critical essays - as well as my contribution 'Why I Live in Egypt'. For this I lifted an extract from a

Ó Bhéal audio

An audio recording of my reading in Cork (20 September) has been posted on the Ó Bhéal website.