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2020/21 Literature Project Award (Arts Council Ireland)

I am pleased to announce receipt of a 2020/21 Literature Project Award from The Arts Council of Ireland: Poets Kimberly Campanello and Christodoulos Makris have been awarded a Literature Project Award to collaboratively explore space-time dimensions of travel in the age of digital/anthropocene. Dublin-based digital publisher Fallow Media will disseminate the result through a discrete digital publication to be released in late 2021. Time is elastic in the age of the digital/anthropocene, and our perception of physical spaces, including how we navigate them and the resonances they have for us, have altered. This creates a vertiginous contrast between our increasing scientific awareness of geological 'deep time' and the eternal present of the digital 'update' and 'scroll'. The recent past of easy travel has become a distant past, possibly not to return. We will explore how the two dimensions of travel (space-time) work across each other by writing in dialogue wi