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I'm thrilled to be reading at another of Steven Fowler's Camarade events this coming Saturday 26 October. As part of this fifth and by far largest edition - indeed an all-day riot of poetry collaborations - Kimberly Campanello and I will be presenting our concoction during the final session (9pm start). Full details including lineup below: CAMARADEFEST : 100 poets in 50 pairs reading original collaborations The Camarade poetry festival is a unique one day explosion of dynamic collaboration in contemporary avant garde and literary poetics. 100 poets align in 50 pairs, each writing an original collaborative work, written specifically for the festival and premiered on the day. The 5th Camarade event, and the crescendo of the Enemies project’s first year, this ambitious exploration of the possibilities of collaboration in poetry will evidence the true width and depth of poetry that is happening now. Saturday October 26th 2013 - 2pm to late Main Space,  Rich Mix Arts Centr

#worldhomelessday workshop

This morning @c_makris led a writing workshop with 5th year students from St Joseph's School, Rush, in Rush library #worldhomelessday — Fingal Co. Libraries (@fingallibraries) October 10, 2013 As part of the workshop students composed messages to a fictional runaway from popular culture, from various perspectives #shesleavinghome — Fingal Co. Libraries (@fingallibraries) October 10, 2013 Some of these messages coming up... #worldhomelessday — Fingal Co. Libraries (@fingallibraries) October 10, 2013 "I don’t know where you are or what you have done to yourself but I really miss you. Pls text me back when you get dis" #worldhomelessday — Fingal Co. Libraries (@fingallibraries) October 10, 2013 "You’re probably scared to come back now because of what people are going to say to you" #shesleavinghome #worldhomelessday — Fingal Co. Libraries (@fingallibraries) October 10, 2013 "Remember I’m your best friend so when your sad Im sa