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gorse No. 6

Issue 6 of gorse is now out. It features original essays from Dylan Brennan, Liam Cagney, Dominique Cleary, Lauren Elkin, Oliver Farry, Daniel Fraser, Thomas McNally and Joanna Walsh; new fiction from Gavin Corbett, Lauren de Sa Naylor, John Holten, Bridget Penney and David Rose; an interview with Geoff Dyer by Rob Doyle; and an Irish language section (edited by new Irish language editor Aifric Mac Aodha ) with work from Simon Ó Faoláin & Colm Ó Ceallacháin. Poetry in gorse No. 6 comes from long-time contributor SJ Fowler in the form of 'Estates', four cross-referencing, border-hopping poems; recent work from Aodán McCardle representing reflections on a year's worth of language use and images encountered on various media; four new pieces by Julie Morrissy taken from a book-length work-in-progress; and three original poems in the Galician by Chus Pato, accompanied by translations from Keith Payne. Susan Tomaselli's editorial 'Je est un autre' revolves