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Safe as Houses

My 10-minute poetry film Safe as Houses is now available to view  on YouTube  and  on the Speaking Volumes Live Literature Productions website . My thanks to Sharmilla, Sarah and Nick of Speaking Volumes for releasing/hosting it. * I wrote the poem 'Safe as Houses' in 2010. It's composed of four separate parts: part one provided the poem's core - and was first published on the streets of Dublin  in February 2011 as part of the UpStart campaign; part two was written in the style of a letter to The Irish Times , adhering to the peculiar conventions of that page and exhibiting a typical admonitory/self-congratulatory tone; part three is made of a series of bullet points describing a cyclical building process; part four is a transcription, with minor alterations, of one side of an email conversation spanning a period of 18 months. Last summer I came across an abandoned, dilapidated house in north county Dublin the state of which encapsulated so much of what the poem

This Never Was My Town

This Never Was My Town is a series of expat-themed, cross-European prose and poetry readings for the 10 Days in Dublin festival, presented by Marcel Krueger in collaboration with the Irish Writers' Centre and Storymap Dublin. Marcel has invited a group of expat writers living in Dublin and other cit ies in Europe to read from their work and reflect on placelore, identity, and if it's really possible to make a place "yours".  Each reading will feature a curated story from Storymap Dublin  with added commentary by story/film makers Tom and Andy, and readings from writers both at the Irish Writers' Centre on Parnell Square and patched in via Skype from around Europe. Featured authors include Kit Fryatt (Aberdeen), Marcel Krueger (Dublin/Berlin), Christodoulos Makris (Dublin/Nicosia), Anna Byrne (Cork/Berlin), Nuala NĂ­ ChonchĂșir (Galway/Dublin), Stu Anderson (Edinburgh) and Au Ngog Dunc (Dublin). The dates of the readings are 5, 6, 11 and 12 July, and they sta