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'Remaking it New' at Writers' Week, Listowel

Remaking it New: a discussion in association with gorse literary journal part of Listowel Writers' Week 2015 gorse identifies with the 'golden age' of literary Irish publishing, but the journal is not nostalgic for the past. Rather it is excited by what's happening in the here, the now and the future of writing. Inspiration comes from multifarious sources - the internet, Twitter, translation, the self - and this event, an inclusive and lively discussion interspersed with readings and with scope for audience participation, will showcase some of these ideas through writers associated with gorse and whose work blurs the lines between genres. Featuring essayist and novelist Rob Doyle ( Here Are the Young Men ), writer and illustrator Joanna Walsh (Dalkey Archive's Best European Fiction , #ReadWomen2014), poet and gorse poetry editor Christodoulos Makris (Yes But Are We Enemies, The Architecture of Chance ). Presented and moderated by gorse founder and ed

Prague Microfestival 2015

I'm excited to be taking part in this year's (7th) edition of the Prague Microfestival , an international festival of innovative, intermedia and translocal poetry, taking place 18-20 May 2015: "PMF’s aim is twofold: to invigorate the Czech literary scene with up-to-date creative impulses from abroad (so far, those have been linguistically experimental poetry, intermedia writing, conceptual poetry, poetry performance and poetry collective) and to put Prague back on the map of global avant-garde capitals." Read more about the festival, including its history, here . I'll be taking part in two events, both on Tuesday 19 May: 1/ Being Translocal: Writing In-Between Spaces  (tranzitdisplay, entry free / vstupné zdarma, language / jazyk: ENG): The writers Louis Armand (Prague), Christodoulos Makris (Dublin), Philip Hammial (Sydney) and Donna Stonecipher (Berlin) discuss writing in-between the national literatures, i.e. writing as a translocal writer. Moderated by D

The Architecture of Chance reviewed by Máighréad Medbh

In a post entitled 'Architectonics', writer and poet Máighréad Medbh considers  The Architecture of Chance from multiple perspectives, discussing it against writers as disparate as Italo Calvino, Anaïs Nin, Clive James, Steven Pinker, Deleuze & Guattari and others. The review includes several quotable extracts: " The Architecture of Chance is a cultural panorama;" or "... glows with a clear, intense, subtly reliable light;" or even "Whenever I hear or read Christodoulos Makris, I'm struck by the absence of the kind of emotional hooks that are so often demanded by an audience." But to appreciate the depth of its engagement with the book it needs to be read in its entirety. I'm grateful to Máighréad Medbh for her interest in my work, for her attention and close reading of the book .

Interview on The Literateur

In advance of my participation in Prague Microfestival 2015 later this month (details soon)  I was interviewed by Martin Šinal for The Literateur . The Literateur is "an online literary magazine featuring interviews with luminaries of the literary world, articles, reviews and exciting new creative works." Previous interview subjects include Eimear McBride & Lee Rourke, Rachel Kushner, Deborah Levy, Keston Sutherland and Zadie Smith among others. Martin's well-researched and probing questions allowed me to expand on many aspects of my practice, and elicited my thoughts on various subjects including conceptualism, intermedia and translocal writing, and the function of contemporary poetry.