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gorse interview on 3:AM Magazine

Susan Tomaselli & I were recently interviewed by 3:AM Magazine's Tristan Foster for a feature on gorse.

In response to his perceptive questions we discuss the journal's history, scope, outlook and goals, and offer thoughts on editing a print journal with an interest in experimental writing as well as related topics such as the potential of literature, the avant-garde, and "transgressing boundaries".

We also announce plans for an associated imprint set to begin operations in 2017. A publishing statement will follow, but we were very happy to reveal that the first two titles will be an anthology of essays edited by Joanna Walsh, and Subcritical Tests, a book of collaborative poetry by Ailbhe Darcy & SJ Fowler.

An excerpt from Subcritical Tests appeared in gorse No. 3. Below is Ailbhe Darcy & SJ Fowler at the Cork leg of Yes But Are We Enemies:

The feature was published on Bloomsday 2016. Many thanks to Tristan Foster and to 3:AM Magazine.

Phonica: Three

For the third edition of Phonica we will be joined by Michelle Hall, Keith Lindsay, Aodán McCardle, Michael Naghten Shanks, Dylan Tighe and Suzanne Walsh for a blend of sound, word, image and performance rooted in multidisciplinary practice and innovation.

Phonica is a Dublin-based poetry and music venture with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Curated and hosted by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, Phonica aims to provide an outlet for the exploration and presentation of new ideas, a space where practitioners from different artforms can converse, and an environment conducive to collaborative enterprise and improvisation.

Phonica: Three
8pm, Wednesday 15 June 2016
Jack Nealons, 165 Capel Street, Dublin 1
Admission Free

Michelle Hall is a visual artist who works with a variety of materials and processes and her work often takes the form of video with scripted voiceover. Throughout her practice she uses objects, images, details and textures as catalysts for narrativ…