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gorse editorial

I was honoured and delighted to receive an invitation from Susan Tomaselli to join gorse  as poetry editor - an invitation I wasted no time in accepting. As I'd written  elsewhere , I consider gorse a unique and refreshing presence in the Irish literary landscape, with an outlook, temperament and set of interests that resonate deeply with mine. Getting the chance to contribute to it in an editorial capacity and to work towards strengthening the considerable impact it has already made in just two issues is a hugely exciting challenge, full of possibilities. It's hard to specify what kind of poetry I'm looking for, because above all I want to publish poetry I didn't know I was looking for. Likely to interest me, though, is writing that plays with boundaries of form, language and genre, that's aware of social, political, technological and cultural developments, that's interrogative and outward-looking, conceptually-rigorous and witty. We are beginning to work

Droichead Arts Centre

As part of the opening of Thomas Brezing's exhibition/installation 'The Road is Paved with Good Intentions'  at the Droichead Arts Centre on Wednesday 14 January 2015, I will be doing a collaborative performance with the artist in his 'Carpet Man' persona: "Carpet Man is an ongoing performance-based project running since 2011, revolving around a persona adopted by Thomas Brezing. Carpet Man has appeared in derelict houses, a snow-covered mountain, an abandoned pool, a beach, an old shop unit, a vandalised warehouse, a forest and several other locations. A short film documenting his journeys was produced in 2013. Christodoulos Makris is a poet, editor and curator particularly interested in experimental/innovative/conceptual writing, often the result of collaborations. His essay on Brezing's Carpet Man project appeared in the July/August 2013 issue of Visual Artists Ireland newsletter. For this performance, he will engage with Carpet Man by responding to t