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SAH Journal Vol 3 No 2

I have  two new poems  made of fragments from unauthored commentary on media articles relating to 1/ terrorism and 2/ refugees in the latest issue of SAH Journal . Studies in Arts and Humanities (SAH) is an open-access magazine published both in print and online, based in the library at Dublin Business School. It is an interdisciplinary academic collaboration whose concern is with social, political and cultural practices in the context of mapping transformations in contemporary society. SAH ’s contributors oppose forging disciplinary limits in an attempt to establish experimental spaces for critical dialogue. Vol 3 No 2 of SAH Journal focuses on the theme of 'Minorities'. It also includes poetry from Nithy Kasa, Jennifer Matthews and Nita Mishra, as well as articles on endangered languages, Māori rights in New Zealand, the Roma and Irish Travelling communities, and more. My thanks to Patrick Chapman for the invitation to contribute to the issue.

gorse No. 9

‘Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers…’ gorse  No. 9 is now out. Themed around 'colour', it includes essays from Clare Archibald, Niamh Campbell, Zoe Comyns, Shoshana Kessler, Darragh McCausland, Doireann Ní Ghríofa, Imogen Reid and Sydney Weinberg; fiction from Arnold Thomas Fanning, Uschi Gatward, David Hayden, Colm McDermott, Paula McGrath and Gavin Murphy; and work in Irish from Eilean Ni Chullieanain and Alan Titley. In this issue I'm very pleased to be publishing poetry from Amanda Bell in the form of two haibun pieces comprising a mixture of 'new nature' writing, local history and memoir; four poems by Mike Saunders  from a larger sequence considering the language of money; ‘Pass’, a new poem by Maurice Scully ; Zoe Skoulding 's ‘Prairial (from A Revolutionary Calendar)’ taken from her ongoing work on the French Republican Calendar; and two visual 'word terrain' poems by Nathan Walker . Susan Tomaselli's editorial revolves