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The Burning Bush 2 first reading

The Burning Bush 2  magazine will have its inaugural public reading on Thursday 27 September at the Irish Writers' Centre in Dublin, with Kevin Graham, Patrick Chapman and myself as featured poets. My thanks to BB2 editor Alan Jude Moore for the invitation. Start time is 7.30pm, with an open-mic session for the first 6 people to register on the night preceding the main readings. Admission is free.

Sincerely performed

SJ Fowler in collaboration with Provokief (piano) performing my poem 'Sincerely' - published in the anthology  Herbarium (Capsule Press, 2011, ed. James Wilkes) as the entry for Gravel Root. Filmed during Poetry Parnassus.

Pussy Riot's Punk Prayer

Like many around the world, I followed developments in the Pussy Riot trial with a mixture of solidarity with the three members of the collective involved and resignation to the inevitable guilty verdict and subsequent sentencing. The clarity of thought, sustained dignity and fearlessness displayed by Nadya Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Ekaterina Samutsevich throughout were never less than inspiring. The specific trial of the three women and their specific act by the specific national court is of course significant in itself - and its outcome an outrage. But if we extend what Tolokonnikova said in her testimony of 8 August - part of three extraordinary texts which, I believe, will gain in importance as time passes, but which are also hugely relevant now: "It is not really three PUSSY RIOT vocalists who are on trial here. If that were the case, then what happened here would have no significance. On trial here is the state system of the Russian Federation" - we can link