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Poetry Ireland Review 118: The Rising Generation

I was pleased to be invited by current editor Vona Groarke to contribute to a special issue of Poetry Ireland Review  titled 'The Rising Generation'. Much like The Poetry Book Society UK’s  Next Generation Poets, which is published once a decade,  Poetry Ireland Review 118: The Rising Generation  (April 2016) aims to offer "the most comprehensive, insightful and enjoyable overview of what we can expect of Irish poetry in the coming times." To this end,  Groarke selected thirty-six poets who published a first book or pamphlet in the past five years, with each poet represented by two pages of new poetry and their responses to a wide-ranging and generally light-spirited questionnaire. My poetry contribution consists of two excerpts ('trying to cook breakfast...' and 'In '87 Huey Lewis...') from a book-length work-in-progress composed using appropriative processes. Groarke writes in her  editorial : "I also acknowledge, as anthologists must