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psí víno magazine

My long poem 'Prime Time' from The Architecture of Chance was published in issue 72 of Prague's  psí víno  magazine, in a Czech translation by David Koranda . psí víno is a quarterly journal of poetry and criticism founded in 1997. Its current editors "strive to confront Czech literary scene with the current trends from abroad (especially from the English speaking countries, Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, and Scandinavia), and to give voice to the contemporary phenomena at the edges of literature (experimental literature, digital literature, uncreative writing, text art etc)." 'Prime Time' is the record of my live transcription of all advertising broadcast on Ireland's state TV channel RTÉ1 on Friday 28 February 2014 between 6pm and 11pm. David translated the resulting text into Czech, and performed it with me at the Prague Microfestival in May . A taster of the issue - also featuring work by Petr Borkovec, Frank Smith, Juliana Spahr an