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this is no longer entertainment in Russian: Cirk Olimp TV

I'm happy to report that five sections from this is no longer entertainment have just been  published in Cirk Olimp TV , one of Russia's oldest and most significant avant-garde literature magazines, in translations by Maria Malinovskaya. Malinovskaya chose to translate sections 3, 5, 6, 8 and 11 of the book through her own expertise in documentary poetics, in conjunction with detailed discussions with me regarding the material's origins and specific references appearing in the relevant sections. Cirk Olimp 's editor in chief Vitaly Lekhtsier has a particular interest in world documentary poetry, with the magazine previously publishing translations of Philip Metres, Mark Nowak, and Bernadette Mayer among others. Much gratitude to him and to Maria Malinovskaya for bringing my work to a discerning Russian readership.

Ó Bhéal (Cork)

I'm delighted to be returning to Ó Bhéal, Cork's long-running poetry reading series, on Monday 21 October 2019 , to read from this is no longer entertainment . Founded and directed by Paul Casey, Ó Bhéal is Cork’s weekly poetry event featuring poetry films, a poetry writing challenge, guest poets and an open-mic. Ó Bhéal has hosted fifty Monday night events per year since April 2007, featuring over 900 poets from Ireland and around the world. My first participation in Ó Bhéal in 2010 coincided with Cork winning the all-Ireland football championship the previous day, with the official return of the team and the lively public celebrations happening during my reading almost right outside the venue, radically impacting on attendance... I'm very happy to be returning to what is always a welcoming and generous reading series. The venue is The Long Valley Bar, Winthrop Street, and proceedings start at 8.30pm.

this is no longer entertainment: a Dublin celebration

Please join us to celebrate the publication of  this is no longer entertainment ! when: Wednesday 30 October 2019, 7.30pm where:  The Vintage Room, The Workman’s Club , 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 Having decided against a formal launch of this is no longer entertainment at the time of publication, I'm very pleased to be celebrating it almost exactly 6 months to the day with an event generously enriched by the participation of an exciting lineup of friends and fellow Dostoyevsky Wannabe-published or -associated authors, some of whom are reading in Dublin for the first time. I'm delighted and honoured that Nadia de Vries , Colin Herd , Dominic Jaeckle , and Joanna Walsh will be contributing guest readings. Sounds will be courtesy of Dostoyevsky Wannabe's Invisible DJs project, and the evening will be hosted by Susan Tomaselli . The event is kindly supported by the School of English, Dublin City University . Nadia de Vries is a poet from Amsterdam, the Nethe

Reading at Pallas Projects Gallery

On Wednesday 16 October I will be reading in an event associated with the exhibition 'The wind steals music and brings it to me' by Jonathan Mayhew  at Pallas Projects (115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8). I was delighted to be invited by Jonathan to contribute to his exhibition. There are several  parallels and points of intersection between our practices, with Jonathan consistently making use of poetry, literature, technology and theory in his work, and particularly interested in "how narrative in our Web 2.0 world has become incredibly important to our everyday lives, [and] fiction is blurred into reality." The reading takes place at Pallas Projects  Gallery and it starts at 6.30pm. 'The wind steals music and brings it to me' runs between Friday 11 October and Saturday 26 October, with a preview on Thursday 10 October, 6-8pm.