Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Poetry Upfront: on the beach

Poetry Upfront has been in hibernation since last November; first our regular venue, Trax Cafe in Balbriggan, went through a change of ownership, and then we had some difficulty confirming dates for the re-start of the sessions. This prompted us to reconsider what Poetry Upfront means - and whether it should continue, change, or stop - and sought comments and suggestions from everyone on our mailing list.

We had a good response. One or two suggestions in particular energised me into thinking of a new phase for Poetry Upfront. The usual sessions at Trax were going fairly well; but after nearly four years I felt they were starting to become, well, usual. I wondered whether we could try and displace poetry a little bit, shake it out of a comfort zone it sometimes seems happy to inhabit, and expose it to slightly strange situations - bring it out of the confines of the cafe or pub or library or theatre. I was able to conceive different locations and scenaria for poetry sessions and wondered what the responses of writers, readers/audience and sometimes general public might be to them.

Such a change of emphasis would also largely free us up from the expectation of holding our sessions at regular venues and times. And when I put all this to Jane - my Poetry Upfront co-founder and co-organiser of our sessions - she was as enthusiastic as I was about this new direction. We want the occasional events with guest poets to continue, and we reserve the right to revert to our 'traditional' format whenever we feel like it. But for now we are all set for a renewal.

And so our first 'open-mic' session of this second phase of Poetry Upfront will take place on Monday 19 October 2009 on Balbriggan Beach. Start time will be 7pm and everyone is welcome. We thought we should also mention that poets and audience may need to bring with them a) blanket; b) flask with hot drink; and c) light source (flashlight, lantern etc), and that we have made alternative arrangements in case of rain.

We are also working on the two events that will follow Poetry Upfront: on the beach, but more on those in due course. I'm looking forward to arranging these more flighty Poetry Upfront sessions and I am curious as to where the enterprise will lead. I am ready for failures, but most of all I'm open to what they will suggest.

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Wow, that sounds pretty cool, Akis. I will pray for no rain for your first outing.
Congrats on the blog. I'll be back, to quote...well...Arnie, I guess...