Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Round the Clock goes Out of Print (and related notes)

Wurm Press has now sold out of the second print run of my chapbook Round the Clock. At the moment we have no plans to re-print. But I still have a handful of copies, each of which can be bought for 4 directly from me at readings, or by post (email me for details).

On a related note, before last Saturday's reading I got my hands for the first time on a sample copy of Spitting Out the Mother Tongue. I'm very pleased with its feel, print quality and overall design. The cover - courtesy of artist Thomas Brezing - looks great. The text has gone through countless editorial probes and there's nothing that can be done about it now... Some tweaking is required relating mostly to typesetting and then it'll be ready to go. The launch is scheduled for 11 October - I'll be posting more details on it nearer the time.

And on a further related note, Wurm im Apfel has started a crowdsourcing funding campaign. Please do consider donating - any amount is welcome (though 5 is the minimum the site will accept). Your contribution will help keep Wurm going: without funding from any official source, it has been presenting by far the most interesting and exciting poetry in Dublin since 2008, both through its reading series (which included the Wurmfest weekend festival in 2009) and its publication programme of chapbooks and full poetry collections. For more information, and to donate, click on the relevant icon on the right. [update 4 Oct 2011: funding target has been gratefully met, icon removed]

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