Wednesday, 26 October 2011

London Student newspaper

London Student, 'Europe's largest independent student newspaper', has published a feature on Wurm im Apfel, where Kit Fryatt talks about Wurm's origins as a reading series and small independent press, about its publications and its plans - as well as the state of non-mainstream poetry in Ireland. "Yes, there is more to Irish poetry than Heaney and bogs and grandmothers' nails," the feature's author comments.

It also includes a short write-up on Spitting Out the Mother Tongue, a sort of first mini-review, in which it is described as "a fantastic book of poetry, with poems about Danielle Steel and Mötley Crüe..." Kit then briefly discusses the collection. 

London Student is published fortnightly and is available free on all college campuses of the University of London.

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