Sunday, 24 June 2012

Poetry Parnassus: Rain of Poems

Rain of Poems
Jubilee Gardens, Tuesday 26 June 2012, 9:00pm
(Rain of Poems is planned to take place on either Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 or Thursday 28 June depending on weather conditions - please check the website and Southbank Centre/Casagrande social media at the time.)

Watch 100,000 poems by over 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries fall from a helicopter over Jubilee Garden during Poetry Parnassus as the sun sets.

The performance, carried out by the Chilean arts collective, Casagrande in collaboration with Southbank Centre, is set to be one of the most visually stunning displays of aeronautical poetry ever seen.

Rain of Poems over London is the sixth performance of its kind which sees poetry raining down on cities that have suffered air raids in the past.

It has been held in Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Guernica, Spain, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Santiago, Chile.

The bookmarks are released at twilight and printed in two languages, written by both Chilean writers and writers involved in Poetry Parnassus. This performance has a symbolic value that serves to create an alternative image of the past and is a gesture of remembrance but also a metaphor for the survival of cities and people.

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gravkapell said...

Somewhere in the suburbs of London, your poem will fly down to someone who doesn't know about the whole operation. That is a nice thought:)