Wednesday, 17 October 2012

can can #4 (the 'from' issue)

Issue 4 of Wurm im Apfel's poezine can can is entirely composed of poems, sequences and - naturally - extracts with titles beginning with the word "from." A strong issue, it includes work by, among others, Sabne Raznik, Christine Murray, Theodoros Chiotis, derek beaulieu, Dave Lordan and Séamas Cain.

Also included is my poem or sequence or (if you like) piece of conceptual nonsense 'From Something to Nothing'. Taking as reference Francis Alÿs' instructions behind one of his actions/performances (Procure yourself a 100 US dollar note, go the the nearest Exchange, change it into Mexican pesos, change it again into US dollars, change it again into Mexican pesos, change it again into US dollars, and so forth, until you are left with nothing) the poem is a record of each of the 29 stages in the process of running the 'about' text from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website through Google Translate in a sequence of seven European languages, back and forth four times, beginning and ending with English.

can can #4 is now sold out.

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