Tuesday, 12 February 2013

'Public-Private Announcements' at Camarade IV

Here's James Wilkes and I performing 'Public-Private Announcements' at Camarade IV last Saturday.

The event displayed a wide range of approaches to collaboration, in terms of both composition and performance. It's testament to a spirit of interrogation that currently permeates a particularly innovative strand of the poetry scene in London (extending elsewhere in Britain) - which is being nourished in no small part by Steven Fowler's tireless work and generosity.

Footage of all 13 performances is available on Steven's YouTube channel. I particularly enjoyed Peter Jaeger with Tim Atkins, Kirsty Irving with Ryan Van Winkle, and Daniel Rourke with Holly Pester.

An anthology collecting the texts from all editions of Camarade is due out later this year.

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