Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Transcapes / The Halted Traveler

Part of the exhibition Other Indications at the Municipal Arts Centre in Nicosia (NiMAC), 'Transcapes / The Halted Traveler' is a project co-curated by artist Maria Loizidou and researcher/curator/journalist Elena Parpa - within Parpa's larger proposal 'Exercises on Orientation' - which takes the form of a workshop of "memory recall". It makes use of work by a group of artists, architects and poets (Meletis Apostolides, Leto Kattou with Leontios Toumpouris, Marianna Christofides, Kyrillos Sarris with Giorgos Hatzimichalis, Yves Sabourin, and myself) to "approach the concept of landscape as a mnemonic and psychographic space, which is composed through personal narratives, memory overlapping, but also through travels – real and imaginary – which at times activate the desire for repositioning in space and time [... and] attempts to create the conditions for such a reorientation."

To realise 'Transcapes / The Halted Traveler', Loizidou worked with the contributors towards creating a 'carnet' (notebook) with work from each. The notebooks, though identical on the outside, contain individual and specific treatments of the question of urban landscape and memory. In my case this takes the form of having a copy of my book Muses Walk embedded into the notebook, encompassed by fragments from older posts on this blog concerning themselves with the process of the book's conception, composition and production. This material is intended to provide take-off points for discussions & workshops on the themes under consideration. The project also includes some complementary material, such as an additional notebook with a bibliography suggested by the participating artists, and a number of films, including a 5-minute 'home video' in which I read from Muses Walk, shown on a loop.

This ambitious exhibition - "with an aim of renegotiating and re-examining the procedures of curating art exhibitions" and "an experimental approach to curatorial practices" - in which I'm delighted to have been invited to take part, also marks the 20th anniversary of the centre. It opens this coming Saturday 30 November 2013 and runs until 30 March 2014.

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