Sunday, 5 January 2014

'Spitting' reviewed in Cadences Vol 9

More than two years on from publication, Spitting Out the Mother Tongue continues to receive attention (I'm happy to note). A "rigorous" review by Paul Stewart, an author and professor of Literature at the University of Nicosia, appears in the latest (Fall 2013) issue of Cadences, 'a journal of Literature and the Arts in Cyprus.'

Stewart chooses to focus on what he calls "the real issue concerning this volume, which is not how it deals with the Cypriot exilic, dislocated experience, but how it deals with the business of poetry," and attempts an analysis of the craft of the poems ("upon which Makris has placed such store," as he contends).

The review is not available online, but subject to clearance from the journal's editor I intend to archive it in its entirety on this site's relevant 'what they said' page.

You can always construct your own reading of Spitting Out the Mother Tongue by buying a copy directly from Wurm Press, or from all good online or brick-and-mortar bookshops, or from me at any of my readings.


A further note on volume 9 of Cadences: it mainly consists of work offered in tribute to Niki Marangou, a widely-respected and award-winning writer, artist and bookshop-owner who died in a car accident in Egypt last February.

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