Thursday, 8 October 2015

gorse No. 4

Issue 4 of gorse is now out and available to buy directly from the website, where you can also purchase a subscription, or from selected bookshops. I'm proud and excited to be publishing in it new poetry from Philip Terry, Robert Herbert McClean, Kimberly Campanello and Patrick Chapman.

Philip Terry contributes a long prose poem with title 'Bird Notes'; Robert Herbert McClean's 'Excerpt from Pangs!' is six extracts from his eponymous debut collection just out from Test Centre; Kimberly Campanello's three visual poems are taken from MOTHERBABYHOME forthcoming from zimZalla in 2016; and Patrick Chapman's 14-part sequence 'The Film of My Death' channels Alfred Hitchcock and Paris - his seventh book of poetry Slow Clocks of Decay is due out from Salmon next year.

gorse No. 4 also features fiction by Adrian Duncan, Paul Kavanagh, Thomas McNally, Hugh Fulham-McQuillan, Ian Parkinson, Pierre Senges (in translation by Jacob Siefring), and Jona Xhepa; essays by Alice Butler, Daniella Cascella, Dominique Cleary, Orla Fitzpatrick, Christopher Higgs, Barry Sheils, Suzanne Walsh and Adrian Nathan West; and two interviews: Luis Chitarroni by Andrew Gallix, and Lee Rourke by Liam Jones. Susan Tomaselli's editorial, 'Wonder is Really Nothing', takes Alice in Wonderland and dream-writing as its starting point and follows it down the rabbit hole to find Joyce, Duchamp, Burroughs & Gysin, Švankmajer, Hitchcock and much more. The cover design, as ever, is from Niall McCormack. The first 150 copies are individually numbered.

We will be celebrating the launch of gorse No. 4 at The Liquor Rooms, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2, at 7pm on Wednesday 21 October 2015, with readings from the issue by Dominque Cleary, Orla Fitzpatrick, Suzanne Walsh, Jona Xhepa & more, plus music by Gar Cox. Join us.

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