Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Architecture of Chance on 'Books of the Year' lists

It's fortifying as well as really pleasing to see that The Architecture of Chance has found its way onto a couple of separate and quite different 'Books of the Year' lists:

In his post 'Top Reads of 2015' on 3:AM Magazine - something of an annual tradition among the magazine's editors - SJ Fowler includes the book in wonderful company, describing it as "the future of a poetry which reflects our world of language without dispensing with the expressionistic skill of interpreting that language".

And on the 14 December edition of RTÉ Radio's flagship arts programme Arena, Dave Lordan named it as one of five 'Favourite Poetry Books of the Year' from Ireland, commenting: "a very refreshing use of material found on the internet, of signage found around the city ... to shape into poems which make us wonder: is it us that speak words, or is it words that speak us?" The relevant section is available to listen back on the Arena website.

Incidentally, here's my own favourite reads of the past year: