Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A new review of The Architecture of Chance

I'm happy to note that more than a year now since publication of The Architecture of Chance the reviews keep coming. This latest one is from Sabne Raznik, a writer, editor and book reviewer based in Kentucky in the US.

In what is a generous reading, Raznik calls the book "an exciting collection" where "the rewards are substantial". She focuses on some of the more conceptual and process-based material, particularly on 'Heaney after Rauschenberg' of which she writes: "while soothingly familiar in vocabulary, it decenters Heaney's careful poetics almost completely ... it serves as an eerie, aching tribute of sorts - even as it seeks to shatter the comfortable traditionalism of Heaney's legacy".

My thanks to Sabne Raznik for the attention to the book, and for her continued interest in my work: along with this review she republished a review on my previous books from an old blog.

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