Saturday, 7 January 2017

gorse No. 7

Literature is the question minus the answer.

gorse No. 7 is now out. Themed around the concept of 'codes', its cover art is as ever by Niall McCormack, and each copy comes with a 'one-time pad' for its decoding. The issue features essays from Scott Esposito, Jonathan Gibbs, John Z Komurki, Shona McCombes, and Pierre Senges (translated by Jacob Siefring); fiction from Chris Beausang, Owen Booth, Celine Fox, Anthony McGuinness, and CD Rose; Irish writing from Colm Breathnach & Liam Mac Cóil; and an interview with Alan Moore by Pádraig Ó Méalóid.

I'm very happy to be publishing poetry from Cork-based Sheila Mannix in the form of 'Burning Boat', a long hybrid poem; three new poems, including a triptych, by Michael Naghten Shanks (Dublin); four poems by Brooklyn-based Chris Campanioni from his project 'The Internet is for Real'; and four visual erasure poems by John Rodzvilla (Boston, MA).

Susan Tomaselli's editorial 'Falsing (After Marconi)' is a meditation on coding and transmission through "radio and otherworldly broadcasts," in which, in addition to Marconi, there are mentions or quotes from Tom McCarthy, Brion Gysin, Tacita Dean, WG Sebald's Rings of Saturn, and Finnegan's Wake.

You can order issue 7 from the gorse shop. It will soon also be available from our stockists.

In the meantime, join us to celebrate the launch of gorse No. 7 on Wednesday 11 January in The Liquor Rooms (5 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2) with readings from Chris Beausang, Anthony McGuinness, Sheila Mannix, and Michael Naghten Shanks. 7pm start, and admission is free.

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