Friday, 30 March 2018

European Poetry Festival 2018 - London & Manchester

I'll be taking part in three events - two in London and one in Manchester - as part of the UK's first ever European Poetry Festival (5-14 April 2018).

Curated by SJ Fowler, the European Poetry Festival is a pioneering showcase of live literature including collaboration and performance, and aims at beginning a tradition of showcasing the best of 21st century avant-garde and literary European poetry across the UK. This year the festival encompasses ten events in three cities in under two weeks, with the participation of over 50 poets from 23 countries and support from a host of European and UK institutes.

My reading dates and venues are as follows:

Thursday 5 April, 7pm
Opening Night at Writers Centre, Kingston (The Rose Theatre):

Solo reading in an event also featuring Jen Calleja, Frédéric Forte, Alessandro Burbank and Erik Lindner.

Plus readings from European poets local to the Kingston area or currently studying at Kingston University: Astra Papachristodoulou, Vilde Valerie Torset, Olga Kolesnikova, Synne Johnsson, Henriette Hjorthen Støren and Katerina Koulouri.

Saturday 7 April, 7.30pm
The European Camarade at Rich Mix, London:

Collaboration with Frédéric Forte in what is the grand event of the festival, featuring 16 pairs overall.

Full lineup:
Livia Franchini & Rike Scheffler
Christodoulos Makris & Frederic Forte
Kinga Toth & Simon Pomery
Erik Lindner & Harry Man
Max Hofler & SJ Fowler
Robert Prosser & Alessandro Burbank
Theodoros Chiotis & Sergej Timofejev
Tomas Pridal & Iris Colomb
Astra Papachristodoulou & Muanis Sinanovic
Damir Sodan & Martin Solotruk
Giedrė Kazlauskaitė & Simona Nastac
Aušra Kaziliūnaitė & Serena Braida
Jen Calleja & Daniel Falb
Hannah van Binsbergen & Nina Bajsic
Marius Burokas & Tatiana Faia
Daniela Chana & Ana Seferovic.

Friday 13 April, 7pm
The European Camarade in Manchester, International Anthony Burgess Foundation:

Collaboration with Endre Ruset in an event featuring 10 pairs overall.

Full lineup:
Rike Scheffler & Livia Franchini
Jon Stale Ritland & Harry Man
Iris Colomb & Serena Braida
Endre Ruset & Christodoulos Makris
SJ Fowler & Tom Jenks
Inga Pizane & Scott Thurston
Rimas Uzgiris & Robert Sheppard
Marius Burokas & James Byrne
Sarah Clare Conlon & David Gaffney
Silje Ree & Yvonne Litschel

Plus readings from Sandeep Parmar and others as part of a special launch reading of Robert Sheppard's The European Union of Imaginary Authors.

Entry to all events is free. Full details on all participating poets are available on the festival website.

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