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Poetry and Cultures of Feedback

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Transcription Factor (No Press, 2019)

Transcription Factor is a chapbook by Gregory BettsChiamaka Enyi-AmadiJulie Morrissy and myself.

Published in April 2019 on derek beaulieu's No Press (Banff, Alberta, Canada), Transcription Factor consists of four poems all written collaboratively by the four of us. Each poem was produced through a four-stage (re)writing process, and the overall project was in response to 'Hox', an original sound composition by Barry O'Halpin for the 'Text / Sound / Performance' conference at University College Dublin (25-27 April 2019).

Transcription Factor was published in 100 copies, all of which were disseminated to delegates and other conference attendees, and was performed by Gregory, Julie and myself at the wonderfully communal Riverrun reading (Poetry Ireland, 26 April 2019).

photo: Lucy Collins

From the chapbook blurb:

"The following four poems were written collaboratively by Gregory Betts, Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, Christodoulos Makris, and Julie Morrissy in ekphrastic response to Barry O'Halpin's original composition "Hox" for the Text/Sound/Performance conference at University College Dublin. The body of a wasp has four main sections, the head, the mesosoma, the metasoma, and the petiole that joins them all together. Building from the idea of the Hox, the subset of genes that determine the arrangement of these body parts, each poem underwent a similar editorial process but in a different order. Our individual voices became both nature and nurture as we worked with what we were given and gave forth to be worked upon. There are, in fact, 16 poems in the entire collaboration, stemming from four poems by each of us edited four ways by all, but these poems here are the final (or, rather, current) evolution of the texts. We are grateful to Barry O'Halpin for facilitating this collaboration."

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