Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Irish University Review (Vol 49, No. 1)

Two new poems of mine from an emerging cycle are featured in the latest issue of Irish University Review (Spring / Summer 2019) - a special issue focusing on Food, Energy, Climate, Irish Culture and World-Ecology.

The Irish University Review was founded in 1970 at University College Dublin as a journal of Irish literary criticism. Since then it has become the leading global journal of Irish literary studies. It is affiliated to the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures and it is published by Edinburgh University Press.

The current editor of Irish University Review is Emilie Pine - though the issue in question is guest-edited by Lucy Collins and Sharae Deckard.

In addition to my two poems 'doctrine' and 'the risk', Lucy Collins in her article 'If that's not a shock to the system I don't know what' offers an introduction to my work and a discerning reading of the two published poems, describing them as "poems of contemporary crisis". She writes: "In work that is at times radically experimental, and always alert to the capacity of language to remake the world, Christodoulos Makris seeks ways to break open the lyric space of the poem to alter the ways in which language operates in the public realm;" and: "Resisting post-Romantic constructions of the poet, Makris challenges the idea of language emerging from singular subjectivity, responding instead to the energies of collaboration and performance, to the trade routes of digital and material culture."

Other articles in the issue include Malcolm Sen's 'Risk and Refuge: Contemporary Precarity in Irish Fiction' (focusing particularly on recent work by Sara Baume and Mike McCormack), Gerry Smith on 'Pastoralism in the Music of Van Morrison', Trish Morgan's reflection on her practice of ecological sound art, and Treasa De Loughry in conversation with Mike McCormack. An introduction by Sharae Deckard sets the tone, outlook and ecological-cultural connections explored in the issue.

Full issue contents (with some online accessibility) here.

My thanks to the editors for the invitation to contribute, and to Lucy Collins in particular for her incisive reading of my work.

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