Reading at Pallas Projects Gallery

On Wednesday 16 October I will be reading in an event associated with the exhibition 'The wind steals music and brings it to me' by Jonathan Mayhew at Pallas Projects (115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8).

I was delighted to be invited by Jonathan to contribute to his exhibition. There are several parallels and points of intersection between our practices, with Jonathan consistently making use of poetry, literature, technology and theory in his work, and particularly interested in "how narrative in our Web 2.0 world has become incredibly important to our everyday lives, [and] fiction is blurred into reality."

The reading takes place at Pallas Projects Gallery and it starts at 6.30pm.

'The wind steals music and brings it to me' runs between Friday 11 October and Saturday 26 October, with a preview on Thursday 10 October, 6-8pm.


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