this is no longer entertainment in Russian: Cirk Olimp TV

I'm happy to report that five sections from this is no longer entertainment have just been published in Cirk Olimp TV, one of Russia's oldest and most significant avant-garde literature magazines, in translations by Maria Malinovskaya.

Malinovskaya chose to translate sections 3, 5, 6, 8 and 11 of the book through her own expertise in documentary poetics, in conjunction with detailed discussions with me regarding the material's origins and specific references appearing in the relevant sections.

Cirk Olimp's editor in chief Vitaly Lekhtsier has a particular interest in world documentary poetry, with the magazine previously publishing translations of Philip Metres, Mark Nowak, and Bernadette Mayer among others.

Much gratitude to him and to Maria Malinovskaya for bringing my work to a discerning Russian readership.


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