Writing Course: Something Borrowed, Something New

Beginning Thursday 5 March 2020 I will be teaching a weekly course (duration 8 weeks) with title 'Something Borrowed, Something New' at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin:

"This is a course encouraging innovative approaches to writing: responding directly to our contemporary content-sharing culture, it will explore in practical terms ways in which this is altering all forms of literature.

As a direct consequence of the superabundance of readily accessible text and other documentation, the nature of literary composition is undergoing radical transformation, with the contemporary writer increasingly relying on their reading, selection and manipulation skills.

Participants on this course - which is nominally geared towards the advanced, but is suitable for inquisitive writers of all levels of experience - will explore approaches that make use of pre-existing material with an application to poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

Issues relating to copyright and attribution will be addressed. Focusing on techniques such as sampling, montage, remixing, reframing, rewriting, ekphrasis and transcription, the course will encourage both the making of new work and the enhancement of existing drafts."

You can book a place on the course through the Centre. At the time of writing a 10% Early Bird discount offer is in place.


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