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Friday, 6 December 2019

yes to the above (The Lifeboat Press, 2019)

In an exciting development connected to my recent reading in Belfast, The Lifeboat Press published a limited edition pamphlet of my work with title yes to the above.

yes to the above is a collection of outtakes, or 'deleted scenes', from this is no longer entertainment. Conceived as a 'bonus material' accompaniment to the book, it consists of seven of the sections I cut out the massive document I assembled over the timeline of the entertainment project in the process of composing the poem.

The pamphlet, a limited edition publication in 50 numbered copies, was produced for the reading on 12 November 2019 as The Lifeboat Issue Thirty Six, and sold for the nominal price of £1.

A small number of copies remains available. If you're interested in acquiring one please email me to arrange.

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