Doolin Writers Weekend 2020

I look forward to taking part in the 9th annual Doolin Writers Weekend (24-26 January 2020).

Taking place at Hotel Doolin (Doolin, Co Clare) the festival is this year guest-curated by Susan Tomaselli who has charged it with a definite experimental vibe. The festival artist-in-residence is sound, film & performance artist Vicky Langan, and there will be readings, seminars, workshops, music/DJ sessions and open mics across the weekend featuring a host of excellent writers, poets, editors and publishers such as Darran Andreson, Patrick Chapman, Alice Lyons, Lucy Collins, Jessica Traynor, Gavin Corbett and many others.

My contribution to the festival is twofold:

First, on Saturday 25 January (2-5pm) I'll be giving a workshop with focus on sampling in poetry:

"In music composition, sampling is the act of taking a portion of sound and reusing it as an element of a new recording. Similarly, poets at the cutting edge of the practice increasingly employ their critical faculty in recognising, selecting, and reusing material that already exists. In conceiving linkages through which texts flow into each other, their work participates in a broad culture that operates through the sharing and recombining of data. Participants in this workshop will be guided to make new work through sampling, sharing and recombining already existing texts."

And on Sunday 26th at 12 noon I'll be reading as part of the festival's long-established 'Sunday Mass' session along with Jen Calleja and Ellen Dillon.

Full details and tickets are available on the festival website.


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