Proper Chocolate

a cross-disciplinary exploration of the process of making chocolate: improvised sound, poetry, and live chocolate-making

When: 8.30pm, Saturday 7 March 2020
Where: Unit 3, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1 (Kirkos Ensemble Dublin City Council Incubation Space)
Tickets: €10

Christodoulos Makris / Nick Roth / David Lacey / Sebastian Adams / The Proper Chocolate Company

The Proper Chocolate Company are Dublin’s only bean-to-bar chocolate makers - sourcing, hand-sorting, roasting, cracking and winnowing their cocoa beans, before designing, refining, conching, ageing, tempering and moulding some of the finest chocolate to be found on the island.

This unique event, curated by saxophonist and composer Nick Roth and presented by Kirkos Ensemble, is a cross-disciplinary exploration of the chocolate-making process, featuring experimental poet Christodoulos Makris, improvising musicians David Lacey and Sebastian Adams - and with Patrick & Kelli Marjolet bringing the audience on a multi-sensory journey through the seven principal stages in the transmutation of cacao.

A performance incorporating the scents, sounds, words - and perhaps, even the taste, of chocolate.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes – two hours; no intermission.


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