'framed entertainment' (Arts Council of Ireland Covid-19 Crisis Response Award)

I am pleased to announce the release of a video with title 'framed entertainment'.

Enabled through receipt of an Arts Council of Ireland Covid-19 Crisis Response Award, 'framed entertainment' presents raw footage from a private reading of a hybrid text composed of sections from my third book this is no longer entertainment interspersed with fragments of theoretical framework taken from my introductory essay 'Poetry and Cultures of Feedback'.

Conforming to full Government of Ireland lockdown restrictions (Phase One) the reading was for an audience of one and it took place on a remote beach within 2km of my home; it was filmed by a member of my immediate family on their personal device, and the video was home-edited using widely-available amateur tools.

With thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland for the award.

The Arts Council of Ireland introduced this special award in April 2020 to support Ireland-based professional artists across all disciplines in creating and disseminating new work online, by broadcast or other virtual means, during the period of Covid-19 isolation.


oran ryan said…
Hi Cris, congratulations on all the awesome work you do.im in Poland right now. Always great to read your work. Send me a link and I'll pick up your latest book.

Best Oran Ryan

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